2.3. Using RealView ICE and RealView Trace

When you have connected RealView ICE to your host computer (see Connecting the RealView ICE hardware), you are ready to begin using RealView ICE (and RealView Trace if present) with RealView Debugger. See the RealView Debugger documentation suite for information on using RealView Debugger.

When you install the RealView ICE software, it adds capabilities to RealView Debugger to enable you to configure a RealView ICE connection using the RVConfig dialog box. This is described in full in Chapter 4 Configuring a RealView ICE Connection.

If you have to update the RealView ICE firmware at a later date, to extend the capabilities of the RealView ICE unit for example, you must use the RVI Update utility. This is described in Chapter 7 Managing the RealView ICE Software.

Trace capability is supported if RealView Development Suite has an appropriate patch applied. See the downloads section in http://www.arm.com/support/ for ARM technical support.

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