1.4.3. The RealView ICE host software

The RealView ICE host software fits between RealView Debugger and the RealView ICE hardware that controls the JTAG devices. It translates debugger commands, such as start, stop, and download, into JTAG control sequences for a particular processor. The RealView ICE software provides support for debugging on a wide range of ARM cores. To see a list of supported cores, open the RealView ICE Update application and expand the JTAG Templates and ARM trees. A list of templates for all supported cores is displayed. See Chapter 7 Managing the RealView ICE Software for more information on using the RealView ICE Update application.

The RealView ICE software can address each JTAG device individually, without affecting other devices on the board. It uses this ability to create virtual connections for each of the JTAG devices on the board. RealView Debugger can attach to one of these virtual connections, and perform debugging operations with no knowledge of the other devices on the board.

The RealView ICE software enables multiple concurrent connections. You can debug multiprocessor systems, as described in the RealView Debugger User Guide. The software can also perform a synchronized start or stop of processors, for debugging multiprocessor systems where the processors interact with each other.

The RealView ICE software also supports connections across a network, so that you can run the debugging software on several different computers.

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