1.4.1. The RealView ICE run control unit

The RealView ICE run control unit provides the hardware to enable a computer to control multiple JTAG capable devices. The unit has ports at one end for connecting to the host computer and to a power source. These ports are shown in Figure 1.1.

Figure 1.1. Ports for connecting to the host computer

The RST button is used to reset the RealView ICE unit when required, and returns RealView ICE to its power-up state. Using the RST button in this way does not reset the target. This button must not be confused with the Reset button mentioned in Carrying out a real reset, located on the target board itself.


When using v3.0 or later RVI hardware in conjunction with a lead-free LVDS probe, resetting RVI or power-cycling RVI does not cause a target reset. Any other hardware combination, however, might cause a target reset.

For more information on the LVDS probe, see Lead-free LVDS probe.

The LEDs at the bottom of the Ethernet port display information about Ethernet speed and activity:

The ports at the other end of the unit connect to the target hardware. These ports are shown in Figure 1.2.

Figure 1.2. Ports for connecting to the target hardware

Cables are supplied to connect the run control unit to the host computer, and to the target hardware.


RealView ICE does not currently support the Trigger input and Trigger output signals.

If the RealView ICE unit detects an internal hardware or software failure from which it cannot recover, the four LEDs JTAG, STAT, CFAC and LVDS (shown in Figure 1.2) flash continuously. You must reboot RealView ICE before you can continue using it. To do this, press the RST button.

During installation of an update or a patch, the CFAC LED lights up, denoting that Compact Flash Activity (CFAC) is taking place. While this is happening, you must not disconnect power from the run control unit, and must wait until this LED has extinguished. For more information on installing updates and patches, see Procedure for installing an update or patch. The CFAC LED also lights up when a debugger connects, and during Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) lease renewal.

The RealView ICE run control unit contains an internal cooling fan that operates to control the internal temperature when necessary. The ventilation panels on the top and bottom of the RealView ICE run control unit and RealView Trace data capture unit must not be obscured.

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