2.2.3. Using nonstandard connectors

RealView ICE is supplied with cables that each terminate in a 20-way IDC connector, wired to the current ARM JTAG connection standard (see Appendix A JTAG Interface Connections). Box headers suitable for this connector are fitted on all current ARM target hardware, and on several third-party targets.

Some target hardware is fitted instead with a 14-way IDC box header:


If you use the wrong 20-way to 14-way adaptor, you might damage the target hardware.

If you are not certain of the connection standard that your target hardware uses, you must check the reference manual for the target before you connect it to the RealView ICE run control unit. This is especially important if you are using a target that has a 14-way IDC box header, or that is not manufactured by ARM Limited.

If the target that you are using does not use an ARM style connector, or if you are designing target hardware, contact ARM Limited for more information.

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