9.6.1. Adaptor to connect a RealView ICE run control unit to 14-way connectors

The 14-way socket on the adaptor board plugs into the box header on the target, and the RealView ICE ribbon cable is connected to the 20-way header on the adaptor board.

The three-pin header J3 has the following connections:

Pin 1

0V, Gnd.

Pin 2

RealView ICE connector pin 2, no connection.

Pin 3

Target connector pin 1, SPU.


The J3 header is provided for use with Multi-ICE run control units, and has no useful purpose with RealView ICE run control units.

The three-pin header J4 has the following connections:

Pin 1


Pin 2

RealView ICE connector pin 11, RTCK.

Pin 3

Resistor fed by RealView ICE connector pin 9, TCK.

The jumper link supplied on the adaptor board connects 0V back to the RealView ICE RTCK input. If the target system is to use adaptive clocking, TCK can be tapped off here, and the synchronized version used to clock the target can be fed back as RTCK.

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