D.4.1. Data setup and hold

Figure D.8 and Table D.2 show the setup and hold timing of the trace signals with respect to TRACECLK.

Figure D.8. Data waveforms

Table D.2. Data setup and hold

Tsh (min)2.0ns1.0nsData setup high
Thh (min)1.0ns1.0nsData hold high
Tsl (min)2.0ns1.0nsData setup low
Thl (min)1.0ns1.0nsData hold low


RealView Trace supports half-rate clocking mode. Data is output on each edge of the TRACECLK signal and TRACECLK (max) <= 125MHz for RVT1, and <=200MHz for RVT2. For half-rate clocking, the setup and hold times at the Mictor connector must be observed.

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