2.2. Connecting power

The Integrator/CP can be powered from the external Power Supply Unit (PSU) packaged with the system or from an alternative external D.C. supply. Figure 2.2 shows the power supply connectors.

Figure 2.2. Powering the assembled Integrator/CP system

Connect either:

Onboard voltage regulators provide 3.3V and 5V. The on-board regulators can supply the maximum currents shown in Table 2.2 from a 9V to 20V input. This input is protected by a 2.5A time-delayed fuse and shuts down if the supply voltage dips below 9V. On some models, the fuse is in a different location, but it is easily recognized.

When you apply power to J3 or J4, the standby LED illuminates. To power the system up, press the power button (S1).


Do not connect power to the power connector on the core module.

Table 2.2 shows the approximate power requirements of a typical system and an estimate of the power required for an additional logic module. You must also make an allowance for any external display powered by the system.

Table 2.2. System power requirements

RailOn-board PSU maximum outputTypical systemLogic module
5V1.5A100mA + display500mA
LCD bias 11.5 to 20V d.c.100mA100mA-
5V analog (for audio)250mA250mA-
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