2.3. Connecting Multi-ICE and Trace

Multi-ICE debugging equipment can be used to download and debug programs. Connect the Multi-ICE unit to the module at the top of the stack. Integrator modules route the JTAG signals from this connector to other modules in the system. See the documentation for the core module for more details on using Multi-ICE.

During normal operation and software development, the core module operates in debug mode. You can use debug mode to download and run programs. Select debug mode by ensuring that the CONFIG link is not fitted. In debug mode, the processor core and debugable devices on other modules are accessible on the scan chain.

In configuration mode, all FPGAs and PLDs in the system are added into the scan chain. This enables the logic devices to be reconfigured or upgraded in the field.

If you are using Trace, connect the trace port adapter board to the target board as shown in Figure 2.3.


Different boards can have different sizes (small, medium, or large) or there might be no ETM. Support for ETM is dependent on the test chip fitted in the core module. See the documentation provided with the core module and the trace product for more details.

Figure 2.3. Connecting Trace

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