C.1. Baseboard test points

Figure C.1 shows the test points on the baseboard.

Figure C.1. CP test points

The functions of the test points are summarized in Table C.1.

Table C.1. Test point functions (baseboard)

Test point



TP2 UARTCLKUART reference clock
TP3 REF25MHz25MHz clock
TP4VIN_REFReference voltage input
TP55V5 Volts
TP6 5V5 Volt current sense
TP73V3_WL3.3 Volts
TP83V33.3 Volt current sense
TP9VINSupply voltage
TP105V_ANALOG5 Volts Analog
TP115VSB5 Volts Standby
TP12nSHDNShutdown signal for LCD bias supply
TP13LCD_BIAS12 to 25 Volt LCD bias voltage
TP1412V12 Volts
TP15-12V-12 Volts (not supplied by on-board DC-DC converters)
TP16GND0 Volts

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