1.2.2. System connectors

The CP platform has a large number of connectors on the baseboard and core module.

Baseboard connectors

Table 1.1 lists the connectors on the Integrator/CP baseboard.

Table 1.1. Baseboard connectors

J1HDRASystem bus connector to core module.
J2HDRBSystem bus and interface connector to core module.
J3DC InputPower supply input, 9 to 20V DC
J4DC InputPower supply input, 9 to 20V DC (12V DC adaptor supplied with product)
J5BacklightTFT panel backlight
J7Ethernet10BaseT/100BaseTx Ethernet connector
J8Ethernet DebugDebug connector for the ethernet interface
J9MMC DebugDebug connector for the MMC interface
J10LineLine in (bottom) and line out (top).
J11MMCMMC socket
J12MIC INMicrophone input
J13Generic LCDConnector to generic LCD display panel.
J14TFT PanelConnector to TFT LCD display.
J15VGAConnector to VGA type display.
J16TouchscreenTouchscreen interface
J17SerialDual RS232 serial interfaces, port A top, port B bottom
J18LEDOff-board LED interface
J19KMIKeyboard (bottom) and mouse (top)
J20GPIOInterface to 8-bit GPIO
J22DebugDebug connector for the Ethernet controller host signals

Figure 1.2 identifies the connectors on the Integrator/CP baseboard.

Figure 1.2. Baseboard layout

Core module connectors

Figure 1.3 shows the connectors for a typical core module. Other core modules have similar connectors, however, the number and location of trace connectors can vary.

Figure 1.3. Core module connectors, CP966E-S

The CONFIG link selects between debug operation and configuration mode. If the CONFIG link is not fitted, the processor core and debuggable devices on other modules are accessible on the scan chain and you can download and run programs.

For more details on configuration see the documentation provided with your core module.

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