1.1. About the Integrator/CP

The Integrator/CP is a compact development platform that gives you a flexible environment to enable rapid development of ARM-based devices. It enables you to model your product, aid you with the development of hardware and software, and produce proof of concept prototypes.

The Integrator/CP baseboard is used as part of a two-board system:

Additional peripherals and interfaces can be added to your system by adding up to three logic modules.


ARM interface modules such as the IM-PD1 can be used, but some system features are unavailable. If you use an interface module with an Integrator/CP system, for example, the CLCD and VGA interfaces on both CP and IM-PD1 boards use the same set of pins on HDRA for the display controller, but with different pin assignments. Therefore, the VGA/CLCD interfaces on the IM-PD1 would be unusable in this configuration.

Figure 1.1 shows the layout of an assembled system.


Multiple core modules cannot be used with the baseboard because the Integrator/CP uses a single-master AHB-Lite bus rather than a multimaster AHB bus.

Figure 1.1. System layout

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