Further reading

This section lists related publications by ARM Limited and other companies that may provide additional information.

ARM publications

The following publications provide information about related ARM Integrator modules:

  • ARM Integrator/AM User Guide (ARM DDI 0133)

  • ARM Integrator/LM-XCV600E and LM-EP20K600E User Guide (ARM DUI 0146)

  • ARM Integrator/LM-X2CV4000+ User Guide (ARM DUI 0130).

The following publications provide information about ARM PrimeCell® devices that can be used to control the interfaces described in this manual:

  • ARM PrimeCell UART (PL011) Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0183)

  • ARM PrimeCell Advanced Audio CODEC Interface (PL041) Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0173).

  • ARM PrimeCell GPIO (PL061) Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0190)

  • ARM PrimeCell Color LCD Controller (PL110) Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0161).

  • ARM PrimeCell Smart Card Interface (PL130) Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0148)

  • ARM PrimeCell Multimedia Card Interface (PL181) Technical Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0205).

The following publications provide reference information about the ARM architecture:

  • AMBA Specification (ARM IHI 0011)

  • ARM Architecture Reference Manual (ARM DDI 0100).

The following publication provides information about the ARM Firmware Suite:

  • ARM Firmware Suite Reference Guide (ARM DUI 0102)

The following publications provides information about Multi-ICE® and MultiTrace®:

  • Multi-ICE User Guide (ARM DUI 0048).

  • Trace Debug Tools User Guide (ARM DUI 0118).

  • ARM MultiTrace User Guide (ARM DUI 0150).

Other publications

The following publication describes the JTAG ports with which Multi-ICE communicates:

  • IEEE Standard Test Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture (IEEE Std. 1149.1).

The following datasheets describe some of the integrated circuits or modules used on the Integrator/CP:

  • CODEC with Sample Rate Conversion and 3D Sound (LM4549) National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA.

  • DAC-Controlled Boost/Inverter LCD Bias Supply (MAX686) Maxim Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA.

  • Digital Dimming CCFL Inverter Module (LXM1611) LinFinity Microelectronics Inc., Garden Grove, CA. (This is an optional module that might be used with an external LCD panel.)

  • Dual 250mW Audio Power Amplifier (LM4880) National Semiconductor Corporation, Santa Clara, CA.

  • MAX 3000A, MAX7000A Programmable Logic Device Family Data Sheets Altera, San Jose, CA.

  • MicroClock OSCaR User Configurable Clock Data Sheet (MDS525), MicroClock Division of ICS, San Jose, CA.

  • MultiMedia Card Product Manual SanDisk, Sunnyvale, CA.

  • Serial Microwire Bus EEPROM (M93C86) STMicroelectronics, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • StrataFlash Memory (28F128J3A) Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA.

  • TFT-LCD Module (LQ084V1DG21) Sharp Corporation, Osaka, Japan.

  • Three-In-One Fast Ethernet Controller (LAN91C111) SMSC, Hauppauge, NY.

  • Touch Screen Controller (ADS7843) Burr-Brown, Tucson, AZ.

  • Virtex Field Programmable Gate Arrays (XCV600) Xilinx Corporation, San Jose, CA.

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