2.5.3. Self-test program

The Integrator/CP is packaged with a CD that contains a suite of register level software tests for each of the Integrator/CP peripherals. The project and executable files for these tests are in install\Platforms\CP\platform\software\selftest\build\ADS1.2\ (where install is the installation directory).


The default location for the installation directory is C:\Program Files\ARM\. If another installation directory is used, replace install with your path.

If the default install directory is not used, then the executable file selftest.axf in install\Platforms\CP\platform\software\selftest\build\ADS1.2\selftest_Data\Debug must be rebuilt in order for the debugger to display the source code automatically.

If the project is built with the Release option, source symbols will not be included in the executable image file.

Running the basic tests requires a compatible color LCD screen, touch screen, stereo jack cable, serial cable, VGA monitor, and MultiMedia card. Running all tests requires custom loopback cables.

Connect the interfaces and load the selftest.axf image from install\Platforms\CP\platform\software\selftest\build\ADS1.2\selftest_Data\Debug into the debugger.

The following tests are available:

The source code for the tests are in install\Platforms\CP\platform\software\selftest\.

The selftest.mcp project file is in install\Platforms\CP\platform\software\selftest\build\ads1.2\.

Generic Integrator platform support files are in install\Platforms\CP\platform\software\selftest\Integrator_Library\.

The Integrator library project must have been built before the test suite is built. There is a prebuilt image on the CD. Details on constructing special loopback cables is provided on the CD.

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