2.3.146. VA2PA

Converts a virtual address to a physical address.


VA2PA [,force][,table] address



Force the conversion even if the attempt:

  • has an effect on cache

  • has an effect on memory

  • temporarily disables the MMU.

This is required on processors that lack the CP15 conversion registers.


Perform the conversion, even if the MMU is turned off (disabled).

This is unavailable on processors where the conversion is performed using CP15 registers.


The virtual address that is to be converted.


The VA2PA command converts a virtual address into a physical address, and displays the physical address of a given virtual address. It is available on processors with an MMU subject to limitations. The MMU must be enabled.


Using the VA2PA command on OS-aware connections does not give details for the current thread shown in the Code window. Instead, the results are for the processor in general. Also, a warning message is displayed.


The following example shows how to use VA2PA:

va2pa,f 0x10002000

This attempts to convert the virtual address 0x10002000 into a physical address.

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