2.3.70. GOSTEP

Single-steps through the program, invoking a named macro at every step.


GOSTEP macro_name



Specifies the name of the macro that is invoked after each instruction.

The macro return value determines whether execution continues or not. Execution continues when the macro returns a non-zero value.


The GOSTEP command single-steps through the program, invoking a named macro at every step. Execution starts at the current PC, and continues until you click Stop to halt execution, the macro returns zero, or a breakpoint is hit. Single-stepping is by source line for high-level source code and by processor instruction for assembly language code.

The GOSTEP command runs synchronously.


  • Using the command significantly slows target execution speed.

  • Using the command might cause target program execution errors because of timing issues.

Restrictions on the use of GOSTEP

The GOSTEP command is not allowed in a macro.


The following examples show how to use GOSTEP:

GOSTEP checkvariable

Start or resume executing the target program from the current PC. At each step, invoke a macro called checkvariable. A step is an instruction or a statement, depending on the source display MODE.

GOSTEP until (y>100)

Resume executing the target program, stopping when the program variable y exceeds 100. until is a predefined macro.

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