2.3.78. JUMP

Continues execution at a label in the current INCLUDE file.


JUMP label [,condition]



Is the string that identifies the target line in the INCLUDE file to which you want control to jump. The first character of the target label must be a colon :, and it must be followed by a label string.


Is an optional expression that can be evaluated as True or False. The jump to the specified label takes place only if the condition is True, otherwise control passes to the next command in the INCLUDE file.


The JUMP command can only be used in an INCLUDE file. If you specify a condition, then the jump takes place only if the condition is True. Otherwise control passes to the next line in the INCLUDE file.

You cannot use the JUMP command inside a macro, nor place a target label inside a macro. However, you can provide similar functionality by using the if, for, while and do-while flow control constructs in macros.


The following fragment of an INCLUDE file shows the use of labels and jumps:

jump skip_setup,x==1 // variable x is 1 when setup is complete
jump retry           // keep trying to initialize

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