2.3.31. COPY

Copies a region of memory.


COPY addressrange ,targetaddr



Specifies the address range to be copied.


Specifies the starting address where the copied memory is placed.


The COPY command copies the contents of a specified block of memory to a block of the same size starting at a specified location.

The command copies data from low address to high addresses, without taking account of overlapping source and destination memory regions. You must not rely on this behavior in future versions of the debugger.

COPY runs synchronously unless background access to target memory is supported. Use the WAIT command to force it to run synchronously.


The following examples show how to use COPY:

copy 0x8100..0x81FF,0x8700

Copies the contents of memory at 0x8100 to 0x81FF to memory at 0x8700 to 087FF.

copy 0x8100..+128,0x8700

Copies the contents of memory at 0x8100 to 0x817F to memory at 0x8700 to 0877F.

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