Resets breakpoint pass counters and and-then conditions.


resetbreaks ,a {breakpoint_address | breakpoint_address_range} [=thread,...]

resetbreaks [,h] [break_num,...] [=thread,...]


,a breakpoint_address

Specifies the address of the breakpoint to be reset.

,a breakpoint_address_range

Specifies that all breakpoints within the address range are to be reset. See Specifying address ranges for details on how to specify an address range.


Specifies one or more breakpoints to have their pass counters reset to zero.

You identify breakpoints by their position in the list displayed by the DTBREAK command.


Specifies one or more threads to which this command applies. Other threads remain unaffected. If you do not supply this parameter, then breakpoints on all threads are reset.

You do not have to supply this parameter if the processor has only a single execution thread or the OS extension is not enabled.


Do not use this qualifier. It is for debugger internal use only.


The RESETBREAKS command resets breakpoint pass counters. The pass counters are the counts of the number of times breakpoints have been triggered, as shown by the DTBREAK command. It also resets the and and and-then condition state so that the first breakpoint is again required before the second can trigger.

If you issue a RESETBREAKS command without specifying a breakpoint address or breakpoint number, the pass counter, and and and-then conditions for all the current pass counters are reset to zero.

You might typically issue a RESETBREAKS command after a RELOAD command, so that the counts all begin again from zero when you restart execution.


The following examples show how to use RESETBREAKS:

resetbreaks,a 0x8008

Resests the pass counters for the breakpoint at the address 0x8008.

resetbreaks,a 0x8008..0x8024

Enables the pass counters for all breakpoints in the address range 0x8008..0x8024.

resetbreaks 4,6,8

Resets the pass counters and conditions of the fourth, sixth, and eighth breakpoints in the current list of breakpoints.

resetbreaks =2

Resets all the pass counters and conditions in thread 2.



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