2.3.94. PAUSE

Waits for a specified number of seconds.





Specifies a period of time, in seconds.


The PAUSE command pauses command file reading. It stops execution of commands from the INCLUDE file for a specified time, or until you indicate that execution can continue.

The parameter to the PAUSE command, if supplied, must be a positive integer. The maximum number of seconds that you can pause is 255.

If you do not supply a parameter, or supply a value of zero, the command waits indefinitely. Execution continues when you press Return, Enter, or Cancel.

If you supply a positive integer, a countdown of seconds from that number to zero is displayed. Execution continues when zero is reached, or earlier if you press Return, Enter, or Cancel.


This command requires that RealView Debugger is connected to a debug target.


The following examples show how to use PAUSE:

pause 5

Wait for 5 seconds, or for you to press Return, Enter, or Cancel, and then continue.


Wait for you to press Return, Enter, or Cancel.

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