2.3.112. RESTART

Resets the PC to the program starting address.


RESTART [=task]



Specifies the task that is to start. This parameter is required when the target is running multiple tasks and the OS extension is enabled.


This argument is not available in this release.


The RESTART command resets the PC to the program starting address, so that the next GO, STEP or GOSTEP command restarts execution at the beginning of the program. The RESTART command does not reset the values of variables, the stack pointer is not reset and breakpoints are not cleared. If required, RESTART can be configured to reload the image using the SETTINGS command. All declared I/O ports are unaffected. You can use the ARGUMENTS command to change the arguments passed to the process for a restart.


  • If the program relies on the initial values of variables in initialized data areas, and those variables are modified during program execution, then using RESTART to rerun the program fails.

  • The RESTART command might behave differently if you are using the OS extension to RealView Debugger. See the instructions for the specific OS extension for more details.

The RESTART command runs synchronously.


REEXEC is an alias of RESTART.

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