2.3.110. RESET

Performs or simulates a target processor reset.


RESET [,cleanup] [=resource]



Use this command qualifier only with operating systems that support it. Its purpose is to cleanup thread states and other OS issues.


Specifies the target processor that is to be reset, for example, @ARM7TDMI_0@RVI.

You must specify @RVI only if the target identifier is not unique. For example, you might have another @ARM966E-S_0 target in a different Debug Configuration.


This command is used to reset the target processor and peripherals on the board. If a hardware reset is not possible, the command places the processor in a state that is as close as possible to the hardware reset state. The behavior varies from one processor type to another and from one Debug Interface type to another. Check with the manufacturer for details. Variables are not reset to their original values, because memory is not re-initialized

The RESET command runs synchronously.


WARMSTART is an alias of RESET.


The following examples show how to use RESET:

reset @ARM966E-S_0@RVI

Resets the ARM966E-S™ target processor on the RVI Debug Configuration.

reset,cleanup @ARM966E-S_0

Resets the ARM966E-S processor, and cleans up the thread states and any other OS issues on the processor.

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