2.3.5. AOS_resource_list

Performs an action on an object chosen from the OS resource list.


AOS_resource_list ,qualifier [=value]



Specifies the resource list.


Specifies the action, that is action-name[:value].


Identifies an object in the specified resource list.


The AOS_resource_list command performs an action on an object chosen from the OS resource list. The resource and qualifier depend on the OS you are using.

You can get a list of these commands using the DCOMMANDS command, for example:

dcommands all

You can also determine the commands from the Resource Viewer:

  • resource is determined by the tab you select in the Resource List, with the exception of the Conn tab

  • qualifier is determined by right clicking on an object in the selected tab of the Resource List.

You might want to log your use of the Resource Viewer to determine the CLI commands you can use with your OS. See LOG for details. You can then modify the log file, and use it as a command script, see INCLUDE.


The following examples show how to use AOS_resource-list:

aos_thread_list,suspend = 0x39d8

Suspends the thread 0x39d8.

aos_timer_list,deactivate = timer_1

Deactivates the timer timer_1.

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