2.3.2. ADDFILE

Adds the named file to the executable image file list but does not load it. You can optionally empty the list before adding the new filename.


ADDFILE [,auto] =filename [=string,...]



Specifies that only one added file is permitted for each process or processor. Any previously added file is removed when the specified file is added.


The name of the file to be added. You must use single or double quotation marks around the filename.

You can include one or more environment variables in the filename. For example, if MYPATH defines the location C:\Myimages, you can specify:

addfile ="$MYPATH\\myimage.axf"

The target pathname, for example, an OS loader.


The RealView Debugger executable file list contains the names of the files containing the target code for your application. Normally this contains a single linker output file, for example dhry.axf and, in this case, you use the LOAD and RELOAD commands as required.

However, when the application is more complex it is sometimes easier to create it as several files, for example one file for the Operating System (OS) and one for each major process. In these cases, you use the ADDFILE and RELOAD, or the ADDFILE and LOAD/A commands, to manipulate the files that are loaded onto the target.

To load the files on the file list use RELOAD, described on RELOAD.

Restrictions on the use of ADDFILE

The ADDFILE command is not allowed in a macro.


The following example removes any existing files from the executable file list and loads dhry.axf into it. The reload command then transfers the executable contents of dhry.axf to the target and sets the processor PC to the image entry point:

addfile,auto ='c:\source\debug\dhry.axf'

This is the same as:

load 'c:\source\debug\dhry.axf'

This example loads the file dhry.axf into the file list, removing any existing files. It then adds the file kernel.axf to the file list. The reload command transfers the executable contents of both files to the target and sets the PC to the entry address of the last executable loaded, in this case that of kernel.axf.

addfile,auto ='c:\source\dhry\debug\dhry.axf'
addfile ='c:\source\OS\debug\kernel.axf'

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