2.3.55. DUMPMAP

Writes the current memory map out as a file, using the native linker format.


DUMPMAP filename



Specifies the filename or file pathname to which the map is written. It must be enclosed in either single or double quotation marks if a pathname is specified, and the pathname must already exist on your system.

You can include one or more environment variables in the filename. For example, if MYPATH defines the location C:\Myfiles, you can specify:

dumpmap '$MYPATH\ld.map'


The DUMPMAP command writes a linker map file in the format associated with the current processor to the named file.

If the filename is a file path name, it must be enclosed in double quotation marks. If it is not an absolute path name, it is written relative to the current directory of RealView Debugger, which on Windows is normally your desktop.

If the file already exists, RealView Debugger only replaces the information between the RVDEBUG: generated data block and the RVDEBUG: generated data above comments.

The command runs synchronously.


The following command saves the memory map for an ARM1176JZF-S processor on an Integrator/CP development board to the file c:\source\arm1176jzf-s_cp.map:

dumpmap "c:\source\arm1176jzf-s_cp.map"

Example 2.1 shows an example of a generated linker command file. This example shows the Secure and Normal World memory maps. An image is loaded into the Normal world, and the Integrator/CP memory map is set up in the Secure World.

Example 2.1. Command file format for an ARM1176JZF-S on an Integrator/CP board

/* Linker Command file for the ARM processor */
/* This file was generated by RVDEBUG. You can edit everything 
   outside the MEMORY block defined by RVDEBUG. Updates by
   RVDEBUG will only affect that block.			*/

/* RVDEBUG: generated data block. Updated Thu Mar 13 12:08:44 2008
   Do not modify this block. Do not put MEMORY lines above
   this line, put below end of this block.		*/
  /* Register @G_CM_CTRL has (masked) value 0004 */
  /* Register @G_SC_DEC has (masked) value 0000 */
  M_REMAP_SSRAM:org=0x0000, len=0xFFFFF  /* external 'SSRAM' */
  M_SDRAM:      org=0x100000, len=0xFEFFFFF  /* external 'SDRAM' */
  M_CPU_REG:    org=0x10000000, len=0x003F  /* external 'CPU Registers' */
  M_CPU_INT_CTRL:org=0x10000040, len=0x003F  /* external 'CPU Int.Ctrl' */
  M_SPDMEM:     org=0x10000100, len=0x01FF  /* external 'SDRAM SPDMEM' */
  M_SSRAM:      org=0x10800000, len=0xFFFFF  /* external 'SSRAM' */
  M_CNT_TIMER:  org=0x13000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'Counter Timer' */
  M_INT_CTRL:   org=0x14000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'Int. Ctrl' */
  M_RTC:        org=0x15000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'RTC' */
  M_UART0:      org=0x16000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'Uart0' */
  M_UART1:      org=0x17000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'Uart1' */
  M_KBD:        org=0x18000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'Keyboard' */
  M_MOUSE:      org=0x19000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'Mouse' */
  M_DEBUG:      org=0x1A000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'Debug' */
  M_MMC:        org=0x1C000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'MMC' */
  M_AACI:       org=0x1D000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'AACI' */
  M_TCHSCRN:    org=0x1E000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'TouchScrn' */
  M_FLASH(R):   org=0x24000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'From ASIC/Board' */
  M_SDRAM_ALIAS:org=0x80000000, len=0xFFFFFFF  /* external 'SDRAM' */
  M_CLCD:       org=0xC0000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'CLCD' */
  M_ETHERNET:   org=0xC8000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'Ethernet' */
  M_GPIO:       org=0xC9000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'GPIO' */
  M_CP_INTCON:  org=0xCA000000, len=0xFFFFFF  /* external 'IntCON' */
  M_SYS_REGS:   org=0xCB000000, len=0xEFFFFFF  /* external 'System Registers' */
  A_RAM:        org=0x8000, len=0x001B  /* external 'Sect ER_RO' */
/* RVDEBUG: generated data above */

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