Deletes variables from the Watch view.


This command is not available when running in command line mode.


NOMONITOR [{linenum | linenum..linenum}]



A line number or a line number range for the items to delete.


This NOMONITOR command deletes variables added to the Watch view by MONITOR, using a line number in the view to identify the item to delete.

Line numbers start at 1 for the first line and increment by one for each top-level variable. A structure or array variable that has been expanded using the icon to the left of the variable name, , counts as only one line. If you reference a line that is not present, the command is ignored.

You can delete several consecutive elements from the Watch view using a line number range, separating the first and last line numbers with a double-dot (..). If the end of a line range is not present, only the lines that are present are deleted.

If you do not specify a line number or line number range, all lines are deleted from the Watch view.


The following examples show how to use NOMONITOR:

nomonitor 2

Delete the variable on line 2 of the Watch view.

nomonitor 2..4

Delete the variables on lines 2, 3, and 4 of the Watch view.

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