2.3.161. XTRIGGER

Controls whether stopping execution of one processor stops execution of other processors.


XTRIGGER [,in_disable] [,in_enable] [,out_disable] [,out_enable] [,onhost] [[=]connections]



Disable input triggering.


Enable input triggering.


Disable output triggering.


Enable output triggering.


Implement in software. Use this if hardware support is possible, but you require software implementation nevertheless.


A comma-separated list of connection identifiers, of the form:

connection-id [,connection-id,...]



The name of the target connection. If the connections have unique names, then you have only to use the connection name. Otherwise, you must also specify the Debug Configuration name.


The XTRIGGER command controls the cross-triggering of processor stops. Use it to specify whether stopping execution of one processor stops execution of other processors.

For tight synchronization, the target must support hardware cross triggering. If hardware cross triggering is not available, the debugger simulates cross triggering in software, but this is slower, and there might be a large delay between one processor stopping, and the debugger causing the other processors to stop.

If you issue the command with no arguments, it displays the cross-triggering state of all connections, for example:

> xtrigger
ARM940T_0: Input=Enabled OnHost. Output=Disabled OnHost
ARM_Cortex-A8_0: Input=Disabled OnHost. Output=Enabled OnHost

If you issue the command with qualifiers, you have to specify a list of one or more connections to act on. Input triggering means that the processor is stopped by others. Output triggering means that when the processor stops it stops others.


The following example shows how to use XTRIGGER:

xtrigger,in_enable @ARM_Cortex-A8_0@ISSM,@ARM_Cortex-A8_0@ISSM_1 xtrigger,out_enable @ARM940T_0

Stop both ARM Cortex-A8 targets when the ARM940T processor stops (no Debug Configuration is specified, because no other connection exists with this name).

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