2.3.39. DELBOARD

Temporarily deletes a Debug Configuration entry from the displayed list.


DELBOARD [=resource,...]



The name of the Debug Configuration that is to have its entry deleted from the list.


Use this command to temporarily delete a Debug Configuration that does not have any targets connected. Also, if you are using the Configuration grouping in the Connect to Target window, then the Debug Configuration must not have been expanded to show the list of targets. If you specify a Debug Configuration that has a target connected, or has been expanded, then the following message is displayed:

Board n is connected - cannot delete.

If you do not specify a Debug Configuration, all Debug Configurations that do not have targets connected are deleted.


The Debug Configurations are not deleted from the board file (.brd). The deleted Debug Configuration becomes available again you issue a READBOARDFILE command or restart the debugger. However, you must disconnect from all connected target first.


To temporarily delete the RVISS_2 Debug Configuration, enter:

delboard ="RVISS_2"

This command deletes the Debug Configuration NAME RVISS_2. The target for this configuration must not be connected when the command is issued.

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