2.3.147. UNLOAD

Unloads a specified file.


UNLOAD [,qualifier] [{filename | file_num}] [=task]



If specified, qualifier must be one of the following:


Unloads all the files in the file list.


Unloads the symbols only, not the executable image.


Unloads the executable image only, not the symbols.

filename | file_num

Specifies a file to be unloaded.

Use the DTFILE command to list details of the file or files that are associated with the current connection. The details include:

  • the file number, which is shown at the start of the output by the text File file_num

  • the filename and path.


Applicable only to OS-aware images, this specifies a task to be unloaded. Use this form of the command if you are running multiple tasks and want to unload only one of them.


The UNLOAD command unloads a specified file. If you do not specify a file then all files are unloaded. If you specify a file, using either a filename or a file number, then only that file is unloaded. Any unloaded files remain in the file list and can be reloaded.

The effect of unloading the system file is defined by the Debug Interface. You can unload only symbols or only the image.


If you have specified any arguments for the image, these are lost when you unload the image. If you specified the arguments as part of the LOAD command, you must specify the arguments again when you load the image. Alternatively, after loading the image again, use the ARGUMENTS command to specify the arguments.

You do not have to unload an image to run it again. Use the RESTART command to reset the PC to the entry point, the use the GO command to run the image.

If you unload an image that has breakpoints set, and the auto save breakpoints feature is enabled, then the breakpoints are stored in a file. This file is saved in the same location as the image.

Restrictions on the use of UNLOAD

The UNLOAD command is not allowed in a macro.


The following examples show how to use UNLOAD:

unload dhrystone.axf

Unload the symbols (and macros, if any) for the dhrystone program from debugger.

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