Reads the specified board file.


READBOARDFILE [,auto] [=board-filename]



Is an optional qualifier. If you specify auto the command does not read the specified board file if it is the same as the last one read.


Specifies the name of the board file to read. This can be enclosed in single or double quotation marks.

You can include one or more environment variables in the filename. For example, if MYPATH defines the location C:\Myfiles, you can specify:

readboardfile ="$MYPATH\\gizmo.brd"


The READBOARDFILE command reads the specified board file. If you do not specify a board file, the command rereads the current board file. If you do not specify a board file and no board file has been read, the command reads the default rvdebug.brd.

The READBOARDFILE command runs synchronously.


The following example shows how to use READBOARDFILE:

readboardfile ='c:\sources\gizmo.brd'

Read the file gizmo.brd into memory, replacing the current file.

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