2.3.104. QUIT

Exits the debugger.





Exits the debugger without displaying a confirmation dialog. Include this when using the QUIT command in a batch file.


The QUIT command exits the debugger. It displays a dialog box where you can confirm the operation.

If you have any unsaved changes, you are prompted to save these before the debugger exits.

Be aware of the following:

  • If any connections are established, then those connections are stored in the current workspace file. RealView Debugger attempts to establish the connections when you next start a debugging session.

  • If an image is loaded that has breakpoints set, and the auto save breakpoints feature is enabled, then the breakpoints are stored in a file. This file is saved in the same location as the image.

Restrictions on the use of QUIT

The QUIT command is not allowed in a macro.


The following examples show how to use QUIT:


Exits the debugger. Displays a dialog box where you can choose to confirm or abort the operation. If you choose to exit, the debugger warns of any unsaved changes.

quit y

Exits the debugger without additional confirmation. However, the debugger warns of any unsaved changes.

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