2.3.136. SYNCHEXEC

Controls how connections and threads run, step, and stop together.


Multiprocessor models are inherently synchronized. For this reason, you must not set up synchronzed execution for more than one processor from a multiprocessor model that is a Model Library, Model Process, ISSM, RTSM, or SoC Designer model.


SYNCHEXEC [,run] [,step] [,stop] [{,all | [=]connections}]

SYNCHEXEC,remove {,all | [=]connections}


run, , step, , stop

Qualifiers that you can specify in any combination to define the operations to synchronize. If you do not supply a qualifier, all operations are assumed.


Removes the connections from the synchronized group.


Indicates all existing connections.


Do not use synchexec,all if you have connections to multiprocessor models on any of the following Debug Interfaces, or to single-processor models in more than one of these interfaces:

  • Model Library

  • Model Process

  • ISSM

  • RTSM

  • SoC Designer.


A comma-separated list of connection identifier strings, of the form:

"connection-id" [,"connection-id",...]



The connection name. If the targets have unique names, then you have only to use the target name. Otherwise, you must also specify the Debug Configuration name.


The SYNCHEXEC command controls how RealView Debugger controls multiple target processors. The initial state is that every target processor is controlled independently. Therefore, stopping or starting a program on one processor only affects other processors if there is a link between the processors.

If you require RealView Debugger to stop or start several target processors together, you use this command to link them into a synchronized execution group. You can choose whether this group applies to single stepping, to free-running, or to stopping (in the sense of a user-initiated halt), independently.


The following examples show how to use SYNCHEXEC:


Unsynchronize all processors.

synchexec,step,run,stop @Cortex-A9_0@DSTREAM,@Cortex-A9_1@DSTREAM

Synchronize the following target connections on step, stop and run:

  • Cortex-A9_0, available on the DSTREAM Debug Configuration

  • Cortex-A9_1, available on the DSTREAM Debug Configuration


Synchronizes all available target connections on step, stop and run.

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