5.12.1. Workspace

The RealView Debugger workspace is used for visualization and control of default values, and storing persistence information. It includes:

The first time you run RealView Debugger, the default workspace settings file rvdebug.aws is created in your home directory. Each time you start RealView Debugger after this, the debugger loads this workspace automatically, but you can change the defaults or create a new workspace of your own.

Making changes to the workspace

To make changes to your workspace:

  1. Select File ? Workspace ? Workspace Options... from the main menu to display the workspace Settings Window.

  2. Make the changes you require.

    For full details on amending your workspace settings to define how session details are saved and where, see the chapter that describes configuring workspaces in RealView Debugger v1.8 User Guide.

  3. When you have made the required changes, select File ? Save and Close.

Closing your workspace

To close your workspace so that RealView Debugger runs without a workspace, Select File ? Workspace ? Close Workspace.

Starting RealView Debugger without a workspace

You can start RealView Debugger from the command line without loading a workspace, for example:

rvdebug.exe -aws=-
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