5.14.1. Closing down without a connection

Disconnect from your target, as described in Disconnecting from a target, and select File ? Exit to display the Exit dialog box.

Click Yes to close the Exit dialog box and close down RealView Debugger.

If you have made any RealView Connection Broker connections during the debugging session, for example to RVISS, and you have disconnected all the connections before you exit, then RealView Debugger leaves the RealView Connection Broker running. When you next start RealView Debugger, further RealView Connection Broker connections are numbered sequentially from the last highest connection number, plus one. For example:

  1. Start RealView Debugger.

  2. Make three connections to RVISS using the new_arm connection. The connections are numbered simarm_1, simarm_2, and simarm_3.

  3. Disconnect all connections, then exit RealView Debugger. Click Yes when prompted to exit.

  4. Start RealView Debugger again.

  5. Make another connection to RVISS. This connection is numbered simarm_4.

However, if you shut down RealView Connection Broker after exiting RealView Debugger, then the next time you start RealView Debugger the numbering of RVISS connections starts at one.

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