2.2.1. Components of RealView Debugger

RealView Debugger comprises:

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

This gives access to the main features of the debugger, command processing, and the Code windows.

Target Vehicle Server (TVS)

RealView Debugger maintains connections through the Target Vehicle Server (TVS) and plugins that support each combination of target processor and execution vehicle. Using plugins, for example a board file (*.brd), and Board/Chip definition files (*.bcd), enables RealView Debugger to enumerate advanced information about your target environment, hardware, or processor.

The TVS contains the basic debugging functionality and forms most of the software making up RealView Debugger, for example, it supports multithreaded operation under an RTOS, and enables tracing and performance profiling. If you have the appropriate license, the TVS provides multiprocessor debugging.

RealView Connection Broker

RealView Connection Broker, rvbroker.exe, handles connections to vehicles that reside on the same workstation as RealView Debugger or any other workstation on your network.

RealView Connection Broker operates in two modes:


Operating as RealView Simulator Broker, this runs on your local workstation and enables you to access local targets.


Operating as RealView Network Broker, this runs on a remote workstation and makes specified targets on that workstation available to other workstations connected to the same network.

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