5.12.4. Settings options

By default, RealView Debugger:

To change these defaults, select File ? Workspace from the main menu to display the Workspace menu. At the bottom of the Workspace menu are your current settings options. Enable or disable the required options to decide how your next RealView Debugger session starts:

Save Settings on Exit

If unselected, any changes you make to your workspace are lost when you exit RealView Debugger. The next time you start RealView Debugger, it opens either the previous saved workspace settings if Same Workspace on Startup is selected, or the default workspace.

Same Workspace on Startup

If unselected, RealView Debugger does not use the current workspace at the next start-up. This means that, unless another workspace is specified on the command line, RealView Debugger opens the default workspace.

The state of these options are saved in your startup file when you exit RealView Debugger.

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