6.2.2. Targeting the source language

To target a specific source language, use the project settings shown in Table 6.4.

Table 6.4. Settings for targeting the source language

LanguageCOMPILE SettingsValue
ISO standard CCompilation.Compiler Compilation.Checking.Source_languageARM_C C90 [1]
Strict ISO standard CCompilation.Compiler Compilation.Checking.Source_language Compilation.Checking.Strict_isoARM_C C90 strict
ISO standard C++Compilation.Compiler Compilation.Checking.Source_languageARM_Cpp CPlusPlus
Strict ISO standard C++Compilation.Compiler Compilation.Checking.Source_language Compilation.Checking.Strict_isoARM_Cpp CPlusPlus strict

[1] This is the default value.

When you add source files to a project, RealView Debugger places the sources in the correct COMPILE group:

In both cases, the correct Compilation.Compiler setting is set by default. However, you must set the strict ISO setting manually, if this is required.

Also, RealView Debugger places any assembly language sources you add in the ASSEMBLE=arm group.

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