5.8.8. Resources list

The Resources list box displays all the resources available to RealView Debugger. In single-processor debugging mode, it contains only the Conn tab showing the connection.

Additional resources for RealView Debugger extensions

If you have a multiprocessor debugging license, or you have installed an RTOS extension, additional resources are available.

Multiprocessor resources

In multiprocessor debugging mode, the Conn tab shows all active connections. An asterisk (*) indicates the current connection. See the chapter that describes multiprocessor support in RealView Debugger v1.8 Extensions User Guide for details.

RTOS resources

With the appropriate RTOS extension, the Resource Viewer window gives access to RTOS resources, for example threads, timers, queues, event flags, and memory in byte and block pools. If you are debugging a multithreaded application, the Resources list box displays these resources in a series of RTOS-specific tabs.

To view your RTOS resources and data structures, you must first configure RTOS support and then execute your image. For full details on using the Resource Viewer window with a multithreaded application, and the RTOS-specific features of this window, see the chapter that describes RTOS in RealView Debugger v1.8 Extensions User Guide.

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