5.7.2. Loading an image associated with a RealView Debugger project

To load an image associated with a RealView Debugger project:

  1. If you have loaded the Dhrystone image as described in Loading an image directly, select the menu option Project ? Close Project... to unload the image.

  2. Open the example Dhrystone project:

    1. Select the menu option Project ? Open Project.... The Select Project to Open dialog is displayed.

    2. Locate the Dhrystone project file (dhrystone.prj) in your Tutorial directory (see Starting the tutorial):


    3. Click Open. The project is loaded into RealView Debugger.

    For an overview of RealView Debugger projects, see Chapter 6 Getting Started with RealView Debugger Projects. See RealView Debugger v1.8 Project Management User Guide for full details on how to create and manage RealView Debugger projects.

    You can also arrange for RealView Debugger to:

  3. To load the image to your connected debug target, click the blue Click to Load image_path hyperlink in the File Editor pane.

    For more details on loading images, see the chapter that describes working with images in the RealView Debugger v1.8 User Guide.

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