B.3.5. Can I use existing makefiles with RealView Debugger?

Yes, RealView Debugger enables you to create a new project by importing an existing makefile.

Projects that are created this way differ from projects that are created entirely in RealView Debugger and you must perform additional project configuration by manually editing the makefile outside RealView Debugger.

Imported makefiles must contain the following build rules:

Example makefile

The following example is a makefile suitable for use with RealView Debugger:

# for Unix:
# rm -f *.o *.axf
# for Windows
    if exist *.o del *.o
    if exist *.axf del *.axf

all: project1.axf
# for Unix
# echo Build completed
# for Windows
    if exist *.axf echo Build completed

rebuild: clean all

project1.axf: data.o io.o main.o
    armlink data.o io.o main.o -o project1.axf
io.o: io.c
    armcc -c io.c
data.o: data.c
    armcc -c data.c
main.o: main.c
    armcc -c main.c
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