5.5.3. Making a connection

To connect to a debug target, do the following:

  1. If you are connecting to a hardware target, make sure your debug hardware and target system are powered on, and configured as described in your debug hardware User Guide.

  2. In the Connection Control window, expand the access-provider connection in the connection tree control to show the endpoint connection (usually the target processor) available for the connection.

  3. Click the check box for the endpoint connection, to connect to the target.

With the connection established, your Code window is updated:

If you are always debugging code on the same target you can configure RealView Debugger to make the same connection automatically each time it starts. See the chapter that describes connecting to targets in RealView Debugger v1.8 Target Configuration Guide for details of how to set this option.

Example connection to RealView ARMulator ISS

This example shows how to connect to the RealView Connection Broker interface of RealView ARMulator® ISS (RVISS):

  1. If necessary, expand the Server execution vehicle.

    This is the target vehicle that supports RealView Connection Broker connections to local or remote targets. By default, localhost targets are defined.

    For details on how to create connections to remote targets, see the chapter that describes working with remote targets in the RealView Debugger v1.8 Target Configuration Guide.

  2. Expand the localhost access-provider connection.

    This includes a new_arm endpoint connection.

  3. Click the check box associated with the new_arm connection.

    A new endpoint connection is created, called Simarm_1, and the connection information in the Code window title bar changes to:


    The default configuration files installed as part of the base product enable you to connect to an ARM7TDMI® core using RVISS on your local workstation.


    If you are licensed to work in multiprocessor debugging mode, another new_arm entry appears for you to make more connections using RVISS.

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