6.1.4. Making a project and a connection interdependent

RealView Debugger provides a mechanism that enables a project and a connection to be mutually dependent. This mutual dependence is controlled using the settings described in Table 6.2.

Table 6.2. Settings that control project and connection interdependence

Level of controlSettingDescription

This is a setting that you specify for a connection. It identifies one or more projects that are to be opened automatically when you connect to a target processor on that connection.

For more details, see the appendix that describes the connection properties in the RealView Debugger v1.8 Target Configuration Guide.


This is a setting that you specify for a project. It identifies a specific processor (for example, ARM7TDMI®) or processor family (for example, ARM7). This restricts the loading of the image for this project to a connection with the specified processor or processor family.

RealView Debugger acts on this setting only when:

  • a connection to a matching target processor already exists, and you open the project

  • the project is already open, and you connect to a matching target processor.

This close coupling of project and target processor is referred to as specific device binding or autobinding. It is particularly useful if you are working with multiple projects open. For more details, see the chapter that describes managing projects in the RealView Debugger v1.8 Project Management User Guide.

Other project-related settings are provided that enable you to control what happens when a project interacts with a connection (see Automatic operations performed by a project).

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