5.10.19. Using the Data Navigator pane

RealView Debugger provides a Data Navigator pane to help with debugging tasks. This pane enable you to search through your source files to look for specific structures and to monitor their status during program execution. The pane enables you to search:

To access the Data Navigator pane, select View ? Data Navigator from the Code window main menu. The Images tab is selected, which lists the images that you have loaded to the current debug target.

To locate a specific module, function, or variable in an image:

  1. Double-click on the required image name (for example, @dhrystone) to narrow the list of modules, functions, and variables to that image. The Modules tab is then selected, which lists the modules for the chosen image.

    The dhrystone example is a single image application. If you have a multi-image application, you can narrow the search to a specific image.

  2. Locate the module containing the required function, for example DHRY_1.

  3. Double-click on the module name. The Functions tab is displayed, which lists the functions in the chosen module.

  4. Double-click on the function name, for example Proc_2. RealView Debugger displays the disassembly view in the Dsm tab of the Output pane at the start of the chosen function.

  5. Alternatively, to locate the function in your source code:

    1. Right-click on the required function entry (for example, Proc_3) to display the Functions context menu.

    2. Select Show Source.

      RealView Debugger locates the function in the source code tab of the file editor pane. If the source file containing the function is not already open, RealView Debugger first opens the source file.

  6. Select Hide from the Pane Control menu to hide the Data Navigator pane.

See the chapter that describes working with browsers in RealView Debugger v1.8 User Guide for full details on using the Data Navigator pane.

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