5.10.15. Displaying variables

To display the value of a variable from your source code:

  1. Select Target ? Reload Image to Target to reload the image.

  2. Double-click in the margin of line 301 in dhry_1.c to set a default breakpoint.

  3. Click the Run button on the toolbar to execute the image.

  4. Enter the required number of runs when prompted, for example 20000.

  5. When execution stops at line 301, highlight the variable Ptr_Glob in the expression:

    structassign (*Ptr_Val_Par->Ptr_Comp, *Ptr_Glob);
  6. Right-click to display the Source Variable Name context menu.

  7. Select Print to view the value of the chosen variable in the current context. This is displayed in the Cmd tab of the Output pane.

  8. Right-click on the variable again to display the Source Variable Name context menu, then select View Memory At Value. A floating Memory pane is displayed showing the memory at the location of the variable.

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