5.10.11. Displaying register contents

To display register contents for the loaded image:

  1. Switch the Process Control pane to the Register pane. To do this:

    1. Click the Pane Control menu button.

    2. Select New Pane ? Register from the Pane Control menu.

      The Process Control pane switches to the Register pane. It looks like the example in Figure 5.7.

    Figure 5.7. Register pane

    The Register pane displays tabs appropriate to the target processor running your image and the target vehicle used to make the connection. For the ARM7TDMI core using RVISS, the pane includes the Core tab, showing the base registers for the connected target processor, and the CycleCount tab, showing internal debugger variables and statistics.

    If you are connected to real target hardware, for example using RealView ICE, the Register pane might include other tabs, for example CP15 and Debug.

  2. Click the Pane menu and select Show Enumerations as Values from the available options. This displays the register contents as values rather than enumerated strings. The Register pane is refreshed.

  3. Click the Pane menu and unselect Show Enumerations as Values.

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