7.1.2. Why use the CLI?

Although you can perform the complete set of RealView Debugger operations from the GUI, there are specific advantages to using the CLI depending on your requirements, such as:

Setting up the system state

You can use scripted CLI commands, or include files, to place a target in a particular state, either whenever you connect to a target or on demand. For example, you might use a script to initialize peripherals, or to zero video memory.

Running test scripts

Test scripts are used to check that programs are behaving according to specification. You can use memory reads, writes, and target function calls in the CLI to exercise a module API. You can log semihosting output and check that against known correct output, and you can use the debugger to perform soak tests, using many I/O cycles to check system stability.

Performing test script conversion

The CLI enables you to enter commands that are equivalent to armsd and AXD commands. This is particularly useful when you want to convert test scripts you were running with the ADS. For details on converting commands, see:

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