7.2. Entering commands interactively in the GUI

You can enter commands directly onto the GUI command line (see Figure 4.1).


You can also enter commands using the headless debugger. See Using the headless debugger for more details.

To enter a command at the command line of the GUI:

  1. Make sure the Output pane is visible. To do this, select View ? Output from the Code window main menu.

  2. Select the Cmd tab in the Output pane so that the command line is given the focus. A blinking cursor appears at the command-line prompt.

  3. At the prompt >, enter your command using either of the following methods:

    Entering a new command

    Type the command you want, followed by any necessary qualifiers or parameters.

    Reusing a previously entered command

    If you have already entered a command earlier in the session that is similar, or identical, to the command you want, you can use the up and down arrow keys to display commands previously entered. You can also select any command that RealView Debugger has inserted automatically as a result of other GUI operations.

    To edit your command, you can use the left and right arrow keys to position the cursor at the desired location in the command, and the Backspace and Delete keys to delete characters.


    The total length of a command must not exceed 4095 characters.

  4. When you have entered the desired command, press Enter to execute the command.

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