7.3.3. Using the Command setting in the board file advanced information block

You can configure a board file for each target processor you use with RealView Debugger. The Extended Target Visibility (ETV) definitions for each target are held in the Advanced_Information block (see RealView Debugger v1.8 Target Configuration Guide for more information).

In the advanced information block, you can use the Command setting to run a single RealView Debugger command when a connection is established. You can specify the INCLUDE command in this setting to run more commands from a file. For example, you might want to load an image to the connected target, and specify breakpoints for debugging.


Specifying an INCLUDE command in the board file settings requires you to amend your .brd file, usually called rvdebug.brd, located in your default home directory. It is strongly recommended that you make a backup of this file before editing your configuration so that you can restore your configuration file.

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