A.2. Files in the etc directory

When you install RealView Debugger v1.8, files containing default settings and target configuration details are installed in the default settings directory \etc. What files are installed, and their contents, depend on what other software is detected during the installation, for example RealView Compilation Tools (RVCT), or ARM Developer Suite (ADS):


A list of RealView ARMulator® ISS variants used by RealView Debugger.

You can edit this file to add hand-made variants.


Specifies the location of the development tools used when working with projects. RealView Debugger copies this file into the default home directory (when you first create a project) or merges project details (when you first work with an existing project).

Do not edit this file manually.


Toolchain-specific template used by the genmake program to generate makefiles.

You can edit this file to modify the input/output of the genmake program.


Toolchain-specific makefile template used to define the location of development tools, for example genmake_ARM_ADS.loc or genmake_C2.loc.

Do not edit these files manually.


Processor-specific information files used to define support for emulators and simulators, and for project information, for example pARM.prc, pARM_C2.prc, or pARM_RVI.prc.

Do not edit these files manually.


The default board file used to contain target configuration settings. This file references .bcd and .jtg files.


Template file used to contain standard templates. You can edit these files for use in source files.


MSDOS DMAKE startup file.

You can edit this file if required.


Processor-specific instruction format files used by RealView Debugger to color assembler code in the File Editor, for example targ_ARM.aco.

Do not edit this file manually.


SPR template used by RealView Debugger.

Do not edit this file manually.


Board/Chip definition files supplied by hardware manufacturers.

If you want to make changes to these files, copy them into your default home directory and edit them using the Connection Properties window, for example CM740T.bcd.


JTAG configuration files, for example arm.jtg.


RealView Debugger internal template files containing debugger defaults. These are used as internal support files or as template files for settings. For example, they are used to support project properties and define options such as workspace settings, for example prj_set.stp.

Do not edit these files manually.

For a new installation, some of these files are copied into your RealView Debugger default home directory when the debugger runs for the first time.

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