2.2.2. Debug target interface

RealView Debugger works with either a hardware or a software debug target. An ARM development board communicating through RealView ICE or Multi-ICE® is an example of a hardware debug target system. RealView ARMulator® ISS is an example of a software debug target system.

The debug target interface contains the execution vehicles that process requests from the client tools to the target. A debug interface might be a JTAG interface, a simulator, or a ROM monitor.

RealView ARMulator ISS

RealView ARMulator ISS (RVISS) is an Instruction Set Simulator (ISS). It simulates the instruction sets and architecture of ARM processors, together with a memory system and peripherals. You can extend it to simulate other peripherals and custom memory systems.

RVISS runs on the same host computer as the debugger, and includes facilities for communicating with the debugger.


RVISS is not the same as the ARM Developer Suite (ADS) ARMulator supplied with previous releases of RealView Debugger.

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