7.4.3. Disconnecting the current connection

Use the DISCONNECT command to disconnect from the current connection.

For example, to disconnect from the RVISS connection enter:


If this is your only connection, the following messages are displayed:

= 36. CONNECT: Board Simarm_1 (Sim) is now disconnected
Stop> = 37. CURRENT: No Current Board
TVS>  = 38. Board Entries added/modified

If you have more than one connection, then the next connection becomes the current connection. This is identified in the displayed messages, for example:

= 36. CONNECT: Board Simarm_2 (Sim) is now disconnected
Stop> = 37. CURRENT: New Current Board is Simarm_1:Sim (P1) {@Simarm_1:Sim}
TVS>  = 38. Board Entries added/modified

See Working with multiple connections for more details.

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